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Chi-Ming Yeung

I set up EyeCon Graphics & Illustration in 1995 to sell my artwork and design service. My interests are diverse, you will find a great variety of work on this website.

When I was a kid, I was fortunate to have access to many great picture books and magazines, Life magazine in particular. I was captivated by the paintings and illustrations inside it. Then I started collecting stamps, comic books and Revell box-art covers. I would copy my favourite artists style and started painting ships and airplanes.

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Inspire me

I grew up in Hong Kong and from where I lived I could see the harbour with all sorts of ships. On one occasion, I got on board an ocean liner and on another my father took me to the British navy yard on its open day. This sowed the seeds of my life-long passion with ships.

After high school, I went to study graphic design in UK. With the training of typography and visual communication, I developed an interest in creating diagrams and maps. After graduation, I returned to Hong Kong and worked as a graphic designer and later as an art and design teacher.

After I moved to Vancouver in 1995, I continued my graphic design practice and I also began to do illustrations. In 2007 I joined the Burnaby Artists Guild. There I picked up the brushes and rekindled my painting passion again. In 2012, I had a one-man art show at the Deer Lake Gallery.

My wife Karmen helps me a lot. She always gives me refreshing ideas, suggestions and comments. When we are not working, we will watch movies, listen to music, go traveling or enjoy simple family life here in Vancouver.